Sunday, May 8, 2011

Power of Moms

Dagnabbit! I had a post all written and just as I was finishing it up, it disappeared in to cyberspace. I know, I know you are all amazed to see me on here. I will try sometime to rewrite what has gone on but I just can't get myself to do it tonight.

I do want to say that as I have been thinking about life and its/my purpose I have been doing a lot of reading on the power of moms website. My greatest happiness in life comes from my family and my children. While my boys are such great kids, parenting can be hard. Especially with Finn. Sometimes I just hope and pray that I am not screwing up my kids. It was such a rough year last year with all of our medical problems that I feel like we are just pulling out of it. Anyway, for all of you moms or anyone trying to find ideas/helps on parenting and motherhood check out I am amazed at all of the wonderful ideas the Eyres (some of you may have heard of them-they started Joy school and have written many books) have and wish I could follow them around the world as they give talks and speeches to moms all over the world. Don't ya love reading about people thoughts and feelings on blogs and websites. I remember as a kid wishing I could read peoples minds and know what they were thinking, nowdays with technology you almost can. One of my favorite blogs is

As I graduated from high school, I felt like I had the world at my hands, that I could do anything. I majored in criminal justice and dreamed of a life as a defense attorney. While I am still fascinated with the law and love watching The Good Wife, I cannot imagine loving doing anything more than being a mom. Sometimes, it can get easy though to get into a rut of making dinner, cleaning, running errands and helping with homework. I don't know if I am just hitting my mid-life crisis a little early or what but I know that I have a higher purpose. I have found such power in this website and in helping others. I think to find yourself you have to get outside of yourself. As I was reminded at Wood Badge we are all going through hard things. Life is hard. Together we can help each other and that is what life is about.


Casey and Angie said...

It was so good to see you again cutie. You are NOT doing any wrong by your kids. You are a great mom and I enjoy looking up to you and learning from you and Nate. Happy Mom's Day Cutie!

David said...

Kristy, I've always admired how you raise your children. You're top notch in my book. And way to go on posting!!! See you on TwoPeas ;)